Nom du pays

  • Leading provider of modern logistics facilities in London, NewYork and Germany
  • US$25.8 billion property portfolio comprising  28.2 million
  • 484 completed properties across 52 cities
  • Domestic demand is a key driver of demand for Logistic
  • Six-time winner of the Logistics Awards from 2002 to 2008


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more than 150 locations in 50 countries worldwide

Sales of 2013

Group: 3,584 million Euros
Solutions: 800.3 million Euros
Air + Ocean: 898.7 million Euros


over 550,000 square meters of warehousing storage space worldwide

Sea and Air Cargo 2013

330,000 sea freight containers and 287,000 tonnes of air freight goods


more than 3,500 employees worldwide about 120 vocational trainees

Road Transport

287,000 tonnes of ground freight goods